Providing radio and wireless services since 1970 has kept WWT abreast of leading technologies that serve the voice and data communications requirements of many businesses.  We continue to provide innovative and practical solutions to communications oriented business problems.  Whether it is a need for temporary or permanent solutions, WWT provides sales, installation and maintenance expertise in:               

             1)  WIRELESS NETWORKS                            
                      - Private licensed frequencies (VHF/UHF)
                      - Spread Spectrum
                      - Satellite
                      - Cellular                      

               2)  WIRELESS SERVICES
                       - 2-Way
Digital Dispatch
                       - Point to Point/Multi-point
                       - Repeaters (Cellular/VHF/UHF)
                       - Internet/Landline/Wireless Interface
               3)  ALARM SYSTEMS
                       - Oil & Gas
                       - Commercial / Government / Utility

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